We are a contract based EMG testing company. Electromyography, or EMG, is paired with nerve conduction studies, NCV, to evaluate the integrity of the peripheral nervous system and how it interacts with the muscles. We provide in-house services on a referral basis.
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EMG Solutions / Testimonials

See What People Are Saying About Us:

“Quinn Millington is an essential and invaluable part of my hand and upper extremity practice. He provides excellent electrodiagnostic studies in an efficient and timely manner. They are always detailed and complete. His knowledge of nerve function and physiology is outstanding. I will frequently consult with him on difficultcases. It is my pleasure to work with him.”

David C. Rehak, MD

Board Certified Hand Surgeon

EMG solution practitioners are highly trained and skilled in the practice of nerve conduction studies (NCS)/ electromyography (EMG), holding licensure and specialized certifications in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Hughston Clinic, P.C. physicians have trusted EMG solutions to perform EMG diagnostic tests on their patients since 2003. In addition, our physicians frequently request the specialists of EMG solutions to compare studies and/or repeat tests conducted by outside facilities. Allow your first impulse to lead you to EMG solutions for your professional diagnostic needs.

Erin Parmer

Rehabilitation Coordinator, The Hughston Clinc