EMG NCS Services in Marietta, GA

EMG Solutions is pleased to provide Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) and Needle electromyography (EMG) services in Marietta, GA. Our board certified electrodiagnostic professionals partner with your clinic to serve the needs of your patients.

EMG/NCS Testing Location in Marietta, GA

Our NCS and EMG services are performed at the prestigious Atlanta Hand Specialist

About The Atlanta Hand Specialist

EMG Solutions is pleased to partner with The Atlanta Hand Specialist to offer electrodiagnostic testing services in house at their two Marietta locations. The Atlanta Hand Specialist are the top-rated Metro Atlanta hand surgeons and have 8 locations to serve the Atlanta area. With such delicate nuances that come with hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions, electrodiagnostic testing can be a valuable tool in aiding diagnosis, rehabilitation, and care.

We are honored to be able to partner with Atlanta Hand Specialist in providing our EMG and NCS testing services. 

Atlanta Hand Specialist

Marietta, GA

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EMG Solutions is pleased to be able to offer EMG/NCS testing services at Atlanta Hand Specialist. We are able to provide these services to patients in Marietta and the surrounding areas by referral. 

Partner With EMG Solutions for Your Electrodiagnostic Testing in Marietta

EMG Solutions would love to partner with your clinic to fill electrodiagnostic testing needs for your patients. Your practice can gain more revenue all while keeping patients under your care. 

EMG Solutions’ electrodiagnostic testing is scheduled on an agreed upon date with the clinic. The clinic fills the schedule and patients are seen that day. EMG Solutions provides all the needed equipment and reports are completed the same day of testing. Our goal is to provide a simple and streamlined process for both the patient and the referring clinic. 

For more information on partnering with EMG Solutions for your EMG NCS Services in Marietta visit our page For Clinics.


We are an EMG and NCS testing company. Electromyography, or EMG, is paired with nerve conduction studies, NCS, to evaluate the integrity of the peripheral nervous system and how it interacts with the muscles. We provide in-house services on a referral basis.

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