EMG Solutions’ Providers Present at National Conference

EMG Solutions’ Providers, Austin Andrus, PT, DPT, ECS and Kyle Martinos, PT, DPT. ECS presented a 2-hour lecture entitled I Damaged My Ulnar Nerve. How Long Until I Can Pitch Again? Physiology and Physiotherapy for Nerve Healing to a packed room at the 2024 APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM).

The presentation was given on February 16th at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center in Boston, MA. Attendees learned about ulnar nerve injuries at the elbow, using electrophysiologic data to understand the severity of the injury and likely outcomes, and progression of therapy for return-to-play (RTP).


This educational session was a great success and all who attended were edified. Great job Dr. Andrus and Dr. Martinos! 



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EMG Solutions Participates at Combined Sections Meeting in Boston

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