EMG Solutions cares about our communities!

2022 was a year of community service for EMG Solutions and company employees. Several of EMG Solutions employees were instrumental in planning and carrying out hurricane rescue and cleanup in Florida in 2022. One employee was intimately involved in preparing for and carrying out large-scale relief efforts for Hurricane Ian including supplies and volunteer workers […]

Shingles and Your Nerves

If you have ever spent time around individuals over the age of 65, you may have heard someone complaining of having shingles. The name shingles originates from the Latin word “cingulum,” which means belt or girdle. This is due to the belt like pattern of blisters or vesicles that appear on skin. Some may wonder […]

What Do You Expect with a Sciatic Nerve Injury?

Many patients are told, “You have sciatica.” You have lumbago, a lumbar radiculopathy, you have a pinched nerve at your lower back, a slipped disc, neuralgia, spondylosis… the list seems to go on and on. These injury designations are often used interchangeably and seem to be the same thing but at the same time are […]

Dr. Hulet Earned ECS Certification

EMG Solutions is pleased to announce that Dr. Randall Hulet has successfully passed his Board Certification as an Electrophysiological Clinical Specialist.  Earlier this year Dr. Hulet successfully completed the EMG Solutions’ Clinical Electrophysiology Residency inaugural cohort and became board eligible.  Dr. Hulet joins only 209 peers nationwide who have been certified by the American Board […]

Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy


What is diabetes? In 2018, an estimated 34.2 million Americans had diabetes, which was 10.5% of the population of the United States. Out of the 34.2 million estimated to have diabetes, 26.9 million had been diagnosed with the remaining estimated 7.3 million being undiagnosed. It was also reported that 88 million Americans aged 18 and […]

EMG Solutions Shows Its Commitment to Education Again

On June 7th, Darin White, PT, DPT, ECS met with the physical therapy and occupational therapy students at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga for a morning of “shockingly” good fun and learning. Students were taught the basics of nerve and muscle physiology as well as nerve pathology followed by a lab experience in which each student […]

EMG Solutions is Committed to Education

On June 2nd, Quinn Millington, PT, DPT, ECS, OCS met with physical therapy students at Faulkner University for a morning of fun and education in clinical electroneuromyography (EMG/NCS). Students were taught on the basics of nerve and muscle physiology as well as nerve pathology. The lecture was  followed by a lab experience in which each […]

How Nerves Heal


Nerves are responsible for how we think, move, feel, and interact with the world—essentially every aspect of our lives—so it is no wonder that the term “nerve damage” can be rather frightening. That fear is often compounded by the common belief that all nerve damage is permanent and irreparable. As an electrophysiologic specialist I test […]

Key NCS/EMG Components in Early Detection of Guillain-Barre Syndrome


Advances in modern medicine have made earlier detection of some medical conditions possible allowing treatments to begin sooner for achievement of optimal outcomes. The purpose of this blog post is to suggest a few concepts identified in a review of the research literature highlighting key elements that may be beneficial in earlier detection and differentiation […]