How is EMG Unique?

EMG Solutions is unique in a few different ways, one of them being that we do not have our own clinics where we see patients. All of our physical therapists generally travel in a designated geographical area to our contracted clinics in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Texas to see the patients, while the administrative team works from our business offices located in Montgomery, Alabama. While everyone’s experience working for EMG Solutions can be different, I think there are a few commonalities that everyone in the company can agree upon: it is educational, it is challenging, and it is rewarding.

Working for EMG Solutions is educational, both in and out of the clinic. EMG Solutions has an ABTRFE-accredited residency program which alone makes it an educational experience for any physical therapist who joins us to become board certified in Clinical Electrophysiology. However, there are so many other things about working for EMG Solutions that make it educational. In the office, we are constantly learning. Whether we are researching something new for business development or we are pushing each other to find better answers to questions we may have, we are always trying to learn more so that we can continue to grow. Our physical therapists are also constantly learning from one another. There is open communication between everyone and when a question comes up, they do not hesitate to ask. If one person does not know the answer, someone else typically does. These questions oftentimes turn into discussions that allow all our therapists to learn a little bit more. The questions that are asked and
the discussions that they have only help them to become better at what they do.

Working for EMG Solutions will challenge your mind and deductive skills, regardless of whether you work in the clinic or in the office. I think we have all had days where we come to work, having a specific agenda in mind and then it all gets blown apart. In the office, there are days where there are 15 different priority tasks that all need to be completed in a short amount of time or a full schedule of 9 patients. There are also days where there are a few very large tasks that require a lot of time and attention. Sometimes our therapists will have a full schedule with difficult cases that take a lot of time to work through to make sure all the data is captured and accurate and other days when the schedule allows them to walk around the clinic and interact with the physicians. Luckily, not every day is intense and challenging. I think we all appreciate the days that are a little slower that allow us to take a deep breath and have a little fun.

I think the best part about working for EMG Solutions is that it is rewarding. In the office, we are able to see the benefits we receive as a company because of the hard work of both the administrative team and the physical therapists. The hard work that everyone puts into the company is what allows us to have the opportunity to grow and help more people. Our therapists see the rewards in the work that they do by providing great service to our patients and physicians. They also find reward in continued
professional growth and education. Our residency mentors see the rewards of their hard work when our residents start becoming independent. Even though everyone may have hard days where it seems like nothing went right, there are way more days at EMG Solutions where we see the rewards in our hard work, and we know that all our hard work is appreciated by our colleagues, patients and physicians. I have worked at EMG Solutions for the past four years and it has been educational, challenging, and
rewarding. In the end, one of the things that I love most about working for EMG Solutions is the desire that the executive team has to continually grow the business as well as ensure that all of our employees feel supported and are at the top of their game. At EMG Solutions we strive for a culture of caring and respect, and I think we have succeeded.

Jenna Perkins
Director of Office Operations



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We are an EMG and NCS testing company. Electromyography, or EMG, is paired with nerve conduction studies, NCS, to evaluate the integrity of the peripheral nervous system and how it interacts with the muscles. We provide in-house services on a referral basis.

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