Congratulations, Mark Simmons | Doctor of Science in Clinical Electrophysiology

EMG Solutions Founder and CEO wants to share a special message with our community:
“Everyone – I want to invite each of you to congratulate Mark Simmons. Mark has successfully
defended his dissertation and earned the title Doctor of Science in Clinical Electrophysiology.
He is now authorized to include DSc. in his signature and has joined a very small number of
people who hold a terminal degree.

Pretty fancy stuff.

Congratulations Mark Simmons!”

EMG Solutions Founder and CEO – Quinn Millington PT, DPT, ECS, OCS

Mark Simmons PT, DPT, Dsc
Board certified in Clinical Electrophysiology
EMG Solutions Director of Clinical and Residency Education

Dr. Mark Simmons earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas.
Two years after Dr. Simmons’ graduation, EMG Solutions founder and CEO Quinn Millington took on the
role of mentor, helping Dr. Simmons achieve ABPTS Board Certification in Clinical Electrophysiology.
During this time, Dr. Simmons took on the challenge of obtaining a Doctor of Science in Clinical
Electrophysiology degree from Rocky Mountain University in Provo, Utah. His success in his educational
journey demonstrates his dedication to his field. He continues to pursue this journey in aiding other
physical therapists to achieve Board Certification through EMG Solutions Residency in Clinical
Electrophysiology. Dr. Simmons is an integral part of our team!



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