EMG Solutions cares about our communities!

2022 was a year of community service for EMG Solutions and company employees. Several of EMG Solutions employees were instrumental in planning and carrying out hurricane rescue and cleanup in Florida in 2022. One employee was intimately involved in preparing for and carrying out large-scale relief efforts for Hurricane Ian including supplies and volunteer workers logistics. Other employees, along with other volunteers, worked onsite clearing fallen trees, gathering debris, tarping roofs, and mucking out flooded homes. The efforts of EMG Solutions and its employees provided thousands of people with relief from a devastating and life-altering disaster. EMG Solutions also presented multiple donations and sponsorships to several professional organizations in 2022, providing needed funding for journal publications as well as professional meetings and symposiums. EMG Solutions is dedicated to alleviating suffering of individuals throughout the Southeastern United States and to advancing the practice of electroneuromyography (EMG/NCS) amongst physical therapists.



Traumatic Neuroma

Traumatic Neuroma- nerve damages from outside the common compression neuropathy. Introduction We encounter various neuropathic symptoms and pain every day. Patient reports of neuropathic pain can differ in descriptions, characteristics,…

Dr. Perkins Earns ABPTS Board Certification in Clinical Electrophysiology

EMG Solutions is pleased to announce that Dr. Drayton Perkins, physical therapist, has successfully earned his Board Certification as an Electrophysiologic Clinical Specialist. Dr. Perkins successfully completed the EMG Solutions’…


We are an EMG and NCS testing company. Electromyography, or EMG, is paired with nerve conduction studies, NCS, to evaluate the integrity of the peripheral nervous system and how it interacts with the muscles. We provide in-house services on a referral basis.

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